Cuisine and Fine Dining

antipasto2Liuna Station is known for taking its cuisine to the next level. We have delicious beautifully arranged platesfor your special event and detailed event menus. Start your event off with our Supreme Antipasto bar which features delicious items such as bruschetta, artisan breads, cheeses, vegetables, assorted cured meats, poached salmon, calamari, mussels, and crab claws to name a few.

You could also charm your guests’ taste buds with our appetizers and hot or cold hors d’oeuvres! Our pasta selection is no joke, from traditional to gourmet: penne, farfalle, fettuccini, linguine, fazoletti, agnolotti, risotto. Top those pastas off with house made sauces: Al Sugo, Genovese, Bolognese, Alfredo, Arrabbiatta, or inquire about or red or white clam sauce. We also have a houselasagnathat would make Nonna proud! Just a few of our most popular Entrées include: Roasted or Grilled Prime rib of Beef, served au Jus, Filet mignon, Frenched veal chop, Chicken da Vinci, succulent Lobster tails and Frenched Chicken Supreme. Our chef can also whip up some fantastic vegetarian, vegans and gluten free dishes should you require it.dining
Let’s not forget about dessert! Follow your meal with tartufo ice cream, chocolate mousse, tiramisu, chocolate caramel clusters (a HUGE favorite), crêpes or crème brulé! We have Moonlight buffets which feature tortes, pastries, homemade pizzas, antipasto, or shave a Seafood buffet with mussels, shrimp and crab claws. Another favorite Moonlight buffet option is a crêpe station. A chef will prepare fresh crêpes topped with your selection of toppings to satisfy our sweet tooth! Absolutely Delicious! If you don’t see something on our menu that you wish to have, please ask and we will try to accommodate you!

Our Event Consultants will help you create your own exclusive menu, perfect for your very special occasion. Or simply choose from our own carefully crafted menus. Either way, you will experience an extraordinary dining event that will suit the most discerning of palates.

For more details on this, please check our “Menu Descriptions” or contact our office and we will be glad to give you more information!

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