Grand Central

Our Grand Central Ballroom is a historically exquisite banquet hall and has been beautifully restored to reflect the grace and sophistication of years gone by. This superb ballroom can comfortably accommodate groups of up to 700 guests. Its immense structure formerly served as the waiting area for many eager travelers or relatives awaiting new train arrivals.
grandweddingThe Grand Central truly defines the concept of Ballroom. Liuna has invested time and money into decorating the room so you don’t have to! With its Versace curtains and elegant lighting, any decor you add to it to personalize your special day will only add to its grandeur! This room already looks luxurious and despite its size,it is very warm and inviting. This space is easy to decorate and effortlessly transforms into anything you require. It is a great space for tricky set ups or complicated seating arrangements. Its spacious nature allows for your guests to sit comfortably in table rounds or kings table set up. There is space for a huge dance floor, martini bars, ice sculptures, chocolate fountains, antipasto bars and buffets. Projection screens are also easy to hang and see in this room.
This majestic ballroom provides an extraordinary setting for your special day and makes for some spectacular photos.

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